About Us

The African Diaspora Affairs serves as a liaison between the African community, people of African descent and the Anne Arundel County government. The purpose is to ensure that the County Executive Office is well informed and able to act effectively to the needs and concerns of the Africans and people of African descent living and/or working in Anne Arundel County.


To foster the development of a harmonious and progressive community of Africans and People of African Decent within the Anne Arundel County, who will nurture healthy relationships and networks based on the cultural values of our common heritage; mutual respect, love, unity and trust.


To offer support, assistance and empowerment to all the peoples of African Decent and African Immigrants living or working in Anne Arundel County by developing and implementing sustainable programs and projects and dynamic engagements and activities.


Our Contacts:

Phone: 240- 564-0630
Address: 3351 Corridor Marketplace, Suite 400-85, Laurel  MD 20724
Email:  Admin@adaonline.org
Face Book: African Diaspora - AACounty


County Liaison 

We meet monthly with the County Executive Office to discuss issues/concerns regarding the African diaspora living and/ or working in Anne Arundel County and how to address these issues/concerns by providing guidance to resources that are available in the County.

Capacity Building Workshops

We organize capacity building workshops that help improve the professional and business productivity of individuals and groups

Networking Events

We organize networking events that connect people, county officials and organizations to explore synergy and opportunities

Resource Access

We help individuals and families navigate and access county resources available for their specific circumstance.